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How To Not Become A Fashion Victim

How To Not Become A Fashion Victim

Fashion trends come and go, if you cannot control your fashion obsession you will end up wasting your money to buy useless clothes, shoes and bags that you never wear or use. According to Cambridge dictionary “a fashion victim is someone who always wears the latest fashions even if they make them look silly”. When you go out too night clubs or bars you may notice that the latest trends don’t suit everyone.

Avoid Becoming a Victim

In order to avoid becoming a casualty, you need to learn to develop your own taste and style of fashion. You need to accept the reality that not all the latest fashion trends look good on you. We have written this blog post to help you develop your own style, the methods discussed in this post will help you to overcome your issues with fashion consumerism.

Styles You Like

You need to remember that you dress for yourself, only buy the style of clothes that you like. When you observe others you will notice, everyone has different styles and different tastes. If you find that the latest trend does not suit your fashion style or tastes do not feel obliged to try and conform to it.

Try not to obey the latest fashion trends, you need to accept the reality about your appearance and body type. Everyone has imperfections with their appearance, no one is perfect. Try to accept your imperfections so you learn how to look good regardless. Finding the problem areas with your appearance is the first thing you need to do, you may need to find a way to mask these problem areas. Avoid wearing clothing that highlights your problem areas even if it is the latest style or fashion trend, it is much better to wear what suits you than it is to waste your money on clothes that do not make you look good.

What’s Your Size?

Knowing your correct measurements is important. Before shopping online or even on the high street measure yourself and compare your measurements against a brand or online retailers sizing chart, many online retailers have these sizing charts. You need to take measurements from your bust, waist and hips if your are buying a dress, if your are looking for jeans bust size is obviously not going to be important.

How to Measure Yourself

To take your measurements you should use a taut tape measure, wrap it around the widest part of your chest, the narrowest part of your waist and the thickest part of your hips. Measuring yourself will avoid wrong purchasing mistakes caused by the wrong size next time you go shopping. It’s not only women, men also have to pay attention when dealing with fashion styles and trends. Make sure you consider how an item will look before buying it, try clothes on first if you go to the high street.


You need to set your clothing budget before you go online or to the shops, look over your monthly finances and make sure you determine how much you can afford to spend when you go shopping for fashion items or anything else. If you go to the high street only carry the set amount of cash that you have planned but remember, you don’t have to spend it if you don’t see anything you like.

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