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2012 Olympic Facts

If you live in the UK you might have noticed the Olympic games have come to London, tonight 27th July 2012 will be the opening ceremony for the London 2012 games. How do you feel about London Hosting the Olympics? Will you be supporting Team GB? Here’s some unusual olympic facts. Cost of Olympic Torch […]

Tips to help you win competitions

Entering competitions online is great fun, it’s exciting and if you win an online competition it can be extremely profitable. Loads of money and other great prizes are won online by people just like you entering free competitions every day. The best part about these competitions is they are free! It doesn’t cost you 1 […]

Poker Hands in Order

Thanks to my love for playing online poker I have decided to set up a poker site, below is a little infographic I have just created it lists poker hands in descending order aswell as your odds of hitting them hands. What do you think? If you are interested in online poker or want to […]

Friday Fun

It’s friday so lets have some fun! Here is some funny pics I have found during the week. Found most of these on pinterest and repinned them to my http://pinterest.com/onlinecomp/funny-stuff/ funny stuff board where you can find other pics

Why are there free online competitions?

It’s nice to get stuff for free isn’t it? There aren’t many people or business that give stuff away completely free is there? No one could afford to give stuff away for nothing everyday, there is a lot of competitions online though. Entering free competitions can be great fun and a good way to get […]