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How To Attract Anything You Want With A Winning Mindset

How To Attract Anything You Want With A Winning Mindset

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have everything? Stuff just seems to come easily to some people, doesn’t it? It is said that you could take all of a rich persons money away and they will quickly make it all back again, this theory has been proven throughout history. Steve Jobs founded Apple when he was 20, got fired Apple when he was 23 and we know what happened next. Mark Twain was officially bankrupt at the age of 20 but made it all back. The first business of Walt Disney was a failure.

Society teaches us to be envious of successful people and to look negatively at the route of all evil, money. When we see someone who has something we want we may feel envious, we might think they are just lucky or engaged in some kind of immoral activity. Envy is not a good emotion if we want to be successful, the law of attraction tells us that mindset is what creates a successful person. With the right mindset, we can manifest anything we want, the law of attraction will draw anything to us even our perfect lover can be manifested with the right mindset. If we have a head full of negative thoughts and we suffer from negative emotions such as; envy, jealousy, anger or hate we will manifest undesirable results.

Mind Over Matter

As already mentioned above, the law of attraction states that our thoughts and feelings create our reality so by changing our thoughts and more importantly changing our feelings we can increase our vibrational energy and attract the things we want into our lives. The theory is that everything is energy and like energy attracts like energy, by giving out good energy we can attract good. All you have to do to create the life you want is improve your thinking and thought patterns. Science proves this theory, quantum physics tell us that everything is energy and neuroscience has proven that we can change our thoughts to create new neural pathways.

Changing Our Thoughts

Thoughts get into our heads from external factors like family, friends, teachers and colleagues so the first step to improving your thoughts is to identify negative friends and family members then avoid them. Friends and family can be one of our biggest negative influences, they fill our heads with limiting beliefs and when we try to create something better for ourselves or do something different from the norm they pull us back down to their level. Childhood memories can be one of the biggest limiting factors, many of us had teachers who told us we wouldn’t amount to much or parents that taught us life was a struggle.

Limiting beliefs can really limit our potential in life. Many people start to experience some success in life but because of their limiting thought patterns they end up married to the wrong person or they feel that they don’t deserve the success they achieve. Their limiting beliefs may lead them to drink or drugs or they may end up suffering a messy divorce and losing it all. To achieve maximum success in life we have to feel successful before we actually are, we have to feel like winners. If we change the way we feel we will find we make better choices when we do achieve our goals we will keep what we have worked for. So how do we change our thoughts?


Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud is attributed as one of the first to use affirmations, affirmations are positive suggestions designed to change the subjects thought patterns. Many people feel affirmations don’t work effectively that they can be intercepted and blocked by the conscious mind, others feel that affirmations do work but only in the short-term.

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages can be auditory or visual affirmations that are delivered outside of the subjects conscious perception, the idea is that unlike affirmations subliminal messages bypass the conscious mind. Subliminal messages can also be delivered as metaphoric stories such as the stories told by the famous hypnotherapist, Milton Ericson.


Relaxation techniques and meditation can also be used to raise a persons vibration, meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress. Meditation and mindfulness techniques can be used to help a person deal with anxiety, depressive thought patterns and much more.